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Babe Alert: Eris Eady

I first met this amazing young woman when she was in high school. She might've been a junior. She was already busting people's heads in poetry slams all over the city of Cleveland, though. Her poetry was so breathtakingly real, I was either laughing, crying, or hallowing whenever I heard her. Eris's gift was - … Continue reading Babe Alert: Eris Eady

Babe Alert: Deep Roots Jessica

Last year, I wrote a post in which I debated whether I should call myself a “feminist” or come up with a different name for the woman-centered views that I hold and work I aspire to do (to help to internally build up black women and other women of color). It probably seemed random to the followers that … Continue reading Babe Alert: Deep Roots Jessica

Babe Alert: Michelle R. Smith

As the originator and editor of this site, I felt it would only be right if I put myself through my own paces and disclosed some of the things about me that I am going to ask my future interviewees to expose about themselves. I also think it's important to let you--the readers--know who I … Continue reading Babe Alert: Michelle R. Smith

Introducing: The Out of the Mouths of Babes Series

Last June, I launched a second blog - Out of the Mouths of Babes - that I devoted exclusively to women of color, to serve as a "place [they can] talk truth about female life with passion, wisdom, honesty, & insight." I was really excited by the concept, and I really wanted to do amazing things with … Continue reading Introducing: The Out of the Mouths of Babes Series