Back Like Cooked Crack

I tried really hard to do the “right” thing. To put blogging on the back burner so I could devote myself more fully to searching for a full-time job. I locked up this blog, started another anonymous one, and began combing the employment sites. I reworked then re-reworked my resume. I reached out to the […]

Maybe We Do Need White History Month or Millennials Don’t Know Shit About Slavery or Picking Appropriate Essay Topics or Being a Black English Adjunct Sucks Sometimes–Merry

So, I have to go with the salutation that one of my favorite IG personalities, Jill Is Black, often uses in the opening of her videos– Dear White People– And then I have to say something touchy, that I almost regret, but not quite because it’s necessary– Please get your kids. If you are a […]

Chewing (and Swallowing) the Fat

A few years back, I enrolled in this weight loss program with my sister. The administrator was a very sharp, dynamic black woman that took pride in personalizing her approach to each of her clients. She had developed a new program that she was trying out for the first time on my cohort of clients, and […]