Vacation Reading List

I am getting married on Thursday. Then, I'm resting on Friday. Then, Saturday is New Year's Eve. New Year's Day is a day I typically use to contemplate my plans for the new year and clear my spiritual palate. So I won't be blogging on any of these days. I'm done blogging for the week … Continue reading Vacation Reading List

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Me & My Indoctrination: On Trump’s Election

I have been trying to write a response to Trump's election, over the last few days, that is an actual reflection of what I think. I've sat down at my computer at least three different times, typed for at least an hour each time, and come back each time and deleted what I wrote because … Continue reading Me & My Indoctrination: On Trump’s Election


In the wee hours this morning, when those of us intrepid enough to get out and party are winding down, closing out our bar tabs and deciding where we're going to go for pancakes and eggs--gossiping and laughing about the night's festivities and fuckery--Omar Mateen invaded the Pulse nightclub in Orland, FL and opened fire. He … Continue reading #PrayerforOrlando

I Don’t Think So

When I was in grad school at University of Chicago, my brilliant friend Summer used to always talk about writing a paper on the ways in which California is represented in black literature. Her thesis was something along the lines that race plays out more uniquely in California than it does in the northern and … Continue reading I Don’t Think So

I’m Not Going

So I saw a post this morning on Tumblr about Krystal Lake, a black Home Depot employee in Staten Island that wore a cap embroidered with the saying "America Was Never Great" to work, in obvious protest of Trump's presidential candidacy. The cap created a stupid-ass social media firestorm, of course, and that, of course, … Continue reading I’m Not Going

Who You Calling A ‘Queen’?

So, thinking about the title I would give my politic--feminist or nah--has gotten me thinking about another title that's circulating in black culture these days. "Queen." I don't get called "queen" very often, but when I do, I notice it's in very specific situations. Before or after I read poetry in an artistic venue . … Continue reading Who You Calling A ‘Queen’?

A Black Feminist on the Blame Game

I'm a proud and adamant black feminist. And ever since I took on that designation, in my late teens, I've had a lot of men and women argue with me about how "problematic" it is for me to call myself a feminist as a black woman. The standard explanation that they give me--for why feminism … Continue reading A Black Feminist on the Blame Game