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Tomato, Potato

So, there is a body of feminist scholars that can't get behind all this critiquing of bell hooks's critique of BeyoncĂ© and "Lemonade." They think that hooks's critique is on point because feminism is about destroying the patriarchal power structure and its materialist products, institutions, and various other manifestations. So, like, poverty--which women experience at … Continue reading Tomato, Potato

Sugar, Ice, and Tea: On “Lemonade”

We are so tough but so scared--we black folk. It's actually quite a feat. We can manage to survive institutional racism--the trauma, the stress, the constant devaluation, the violence, the seeming endlessness of its pain and suffering. But we can't do a Goddamn thing with love. We run and hide from it like children. So … Continue reading Sugar, Ice, and Tea: On “Lemonade”

Beyonce and Forms of Blackness

Beyonce and Forms of Blackness

Personally, I can go either way on BeyoncĂ©. I can critique the commodification of blackness by a middle class, privileged, light-skinned woman that wears fake blonde hair, shakes her ass professionally, calls herself a feminist whilst continually defining herself in relationship to her husband ("Let me hear you say 'Hey, Mrs. Carter!'"), and is unwilling … Continue reading Beyonce and Forms of Blackness