America 101: Special Inaugural Post Series

I had a lot of really deep, emotional conversations with my students last semester about the Presidential election and what the outcome would mean for America.

I taught on three different campuses, with three different cultures, so the demographics and the discussions diverged widely from class to class.

The one thing that was consistent among them all, though, was this certainty that all these young people had about what America is supposed to “do” for its citizens.

The irony is none of them were very knowledgeable about how our government works on the federal level, how the electoral college works, the political philosophy behind our so-called democracy, the ideological differences between the two major political parties, the role political lobbying plays in shaping our government, or the president can do profound damage to the country if he’s unqualified, uncooperative, or unfit for the job.

As I talked with them, I realized that even though I knew a lot more than they did, I still didn’t know as much as I probably need to know. Especially since I intend to be a fierce watchdog for my family and friends in 2017, guarding against Trump and every other entity that seems to oppress, abuse, and normalize various forms of oppression and abuse being aimed at us.

So, the posts I will be putting up throughout January will be study guides of a sort. They will be posts that I write to help reinforce the things I learn as I research this question of what America is supposed to “do” or “be” for its citizens in order to form a more intelligent understanding of what Donald Trump is supposed to “do” or “be” for its citizens.

I will link all of these posts to this page in the coming weeks; it will serve as the hub for what I am calling “America 101”–The Bluest i‘sĀ first special post series.

America 101: Democracy

America 101: The Cabinet

America 101: Executive Orders and Presidential Memoranda