No, I Haven’t Been Ignoring the Debate About R. Kelly; I’ve Just Been Facebooking Instead of Blogging Part IV


Harvey Weinstein is on trial for his crimes. He lost his company and wife. His name is persona non grata in the city that he once owned. He is not “getting away” with anything.

Roman Polanski is unable to re-enter the US without being charged for the crime he committed decades ago when he slept with an underage girl.

No respectable reporter writes an article about Woody Allen at this point without mentioning that he married his teenage adopted daughter, and his movies are not nearly as profitable now as they once were.

These white sexual predators have not been able to retain their standing in the mainstream community. Their money has been affected. Their careers have been damaged. And now Weinstein may even lose his freedom.

So stop beating up on black women for “attacking” R. Kelly by comparing our reactions to his crimes to white women’s reactions to Weinstein’s crimes.

White women haven’t had to go in on these high profile attackers. The white establishment has done it for them. To “protect” white women and distance these white predators from the establishment so they can’t further tarnish the “superior” image of the patriarchy.

R. Kelly, on the other hand, is still out here, free. He is still able to make money and then use it to manipulate and imprison more girls and women. He needs to be stopped, but no one seems willing to stop him. Black women’s outcry is the only consistent outcry against him. It’s justified, and it’s morally right.

If we (black women) stop pointing fingers at attackers like Kelly and demanding justice for ourselves, we will keep getting attacked and never get the reparations we deserve. That is the truth, plain and simple.

So if white women want to stay silent about predators like Weinstein so they can stay on the “good side” of the white patriarchy, that’s on them. If they want to ignore his crimes to preserve the myth of white superiority, that’s base, but so be it.

Don’t put their brand of complicity and collusion in black women’s faces and call it “loyalty” or “love.” It’s sick, twisted submission. It is no one’s due and nothing that truly decent people want for themselves or innocent people need.

And if you do want black women to mute our pain and demands for safety to “save face” for guilty black men, then fuck off. Because black women do not owe it to black men to rubber stamp their pathology and abuse. And we don’t have to govern ourselves by the piss-poor example of people that are morally compromised and politically passive. We can be better than that.

Better than the white women that are often governed by their selfishness, racism, and internalized misogyny when it comes to sticking up – or failing to stick up – for black women in our times of need, better than the white men that routinely and adamantly ignore our problems and teach black men to treat us as abysmally as they treat white women, and better than the black men that would rather bully us into silence than be allies, leaders, and protectors and do their part to stop monsters like R. Kelly.

We do not have to be pathetic just because other people are.

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