Bye-bye to The Bluest i

Hello everyone,

In case you haven’t noticed, I secured this site a few weeks ago. I didn’t do it because of trolls or haters; I did it because I am looking for full-time work, and all of the job search articles I’ve consulted warned that job seekers should purge all political or controversial content from their blogs and social media. I was really reluctant to lock down the site at first, but after applying for a few jobs, and getting no “bites,” I felt impelled to do whatever I needed to do to improve my chances of getting an interview.

This blog has been my “baby” for the last year. It has kept me sane as a writer and a person. It has helped me to grow as a writer, a feminist, and even as a citizen of this country.

I am so grateful for the opportunity it has granted me to do what I love. I could never have imagined when I began writing that I would get 20,000 view in one day, or my writing would be discussed on a national radio show. I have loved connecting and talking with my followers and other readers, and I have been heartened by all the generous praise and intelligent feedback I’ve received.

So, before I leave this site, I want to say thank you to everyone that lent even the tiniest bit of support to The Bluest i.

Thank you for opening up to me and connecting with me.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for sharing my posts.

Thank you for liking my posts.

Thank you for commenting on my posts.

Thank you for affirming my voice.

Thank you for answering my call to be taken seriously as a writer.

I hope that you will continue to read and follow me on my new site – First Name Basis.

The address is

The writing will be the same; it’ll just be under my first name only.





2 thoughts on “Bye-bye to The Bluest i

  1. Thanks for accepting my request to follow your blog. This post is particularly helpful. I have been job hunting for a year, and I already have a few things going against me, but I didn’t consider my blog.

    I usually publish a first draft, typos and all. That’s a bad habit for a job hunter, I suppose. I think I’ll make mine private too.


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