Give Some $$Green Energy$$ to The Bluest i–Notes on My Kickstarter Campaign to Expand the Blog in 2017


I have some big plans for this blog in 2017.

I have some big plans for the blog, but I don’t have the equipment that I need to implement them.

I know that I don’t go into a lot of detail about myself in my writing, but let me give you a protracted glimpse right here and now, before I make the pitch that you must know is coming for you to donate to my Kickstarter campaign.

I am an adjunct English instructor, writer, and media activist that started The Bluest i around this time last year because I wanted to help inspire some change in the world, but I was too bogged down with health issues, work responsibilities, and parenting duties to get out in the streets, where I would’ve liked to have been.

I thought that since I didn’t have paid time to take off for protests, and I couldn’t afford to lose my job, not even for the overall betterment of society, I would use my writing as a means of inspiring change.

There are so many things that trouble me about this world, but there are a few over which I really wring my heart and hands.

One of the stigmatization of mental health issues in the black community.

Another is what I term the intimacy crisis in the black community–the inability of black people to feel profound empathy and compassion for each other across certain identity lines.

Another is the myriad ways in which women–and particularly black women (natch)–are overlooked as invaluable human resources in American society and how female experience and trauma are respectively trivialized and normalized.

Yet another is the lack of bipartisanship in American government, as well as the failures of both the Democrats and Republicans to honestly and helpfully address issues like employment, education, and health care and crises like institutionalized discrimination,  political corruption,  and cultural apathy.

And then there is the constant, oppressive public policing of people’s “American-ness” and morality that leads to a lot of divisiveness and sanctioned bigotry throughout the culture at large.

A lot of what we think about these things comes out in discussions of pop culture and current events. So I write about pop culture and current events. I use them as entrances into deeper discussions about the deeper, harder things that we deal with on a daily basis but still struggle to talk about in a useful way.

I think the thing I am always trying to do–whether I’m talking about the BET Awards or the presidential debates–is to point out places where illogical, bigoted, antiquated, or uninformed thinking may be hindering one group of Americans from understanding or connecting with another group of Americans.

Because I am utterly fascinated with this idea we call America, and I am enthralled by the hopes and dreams that the most innovative and imaginative among us–past and present–had and continue to have for it.

So what am I going to do about in this new year?

I’d like to expand the blog to include video content and execute a few special projects so I can continue to inspire and empower those individuals for which America is made into a much more difficult experience by various forms of oppression, bigotry, and ignorance.

With the funds I hope to raise through Kickstarter, I want to purchase an iPad, MacBook, audio/visual production software, and expanded WordPress subscription, to make TBi a more innovative and influential Internet presence.

The major project on which I would like to embark will be a series of monthly interview series called “Blood, Black & Blue: Our Female Lives in Trump’s America.” Each video will explore how Trump’s presidency is affecting black women, who are traditionally among America’s most impoverished and disfranchised citizens, while they try to live functionally at the intersections of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, and ability.

I would also like to do a bimonthly series of profiles on black feminists that are doing revolutionary work that is helping to define intersectionality and reimagine black womanhood, community, activism, and citizenship. My objective is to provide inspiration for other feminists and activists and exposure for the interview subjects and their various efforts and projects.

Too, I want to produce a special series of blog posts called “Sojourner Truths” about different congressional candidates and issues, aimed at informing my followers and the larger public of the importance of voting in the midterm elections coming up in 2018.

And my hope is that as the year progresses, and culture keeps “popping,” with my new equipment and renewed resolve, I will get even more brainstorms and come up with even more ideas for projects. And these projects will be compelling and important and do some amazing things in the world.

So maybe you can help me with that.

My funding goal is $4000. Right now, I have 5% of that goal. It would be amazing if I could raise the rest.

If you’re interested in giving, here is the link to my Kickstarter project: Give Some $$Green Energy$$ to My Blog–The Bluest i.

If you give $20, I will reward you an autographed copy of my new chapbook, Idiolect.

If you give $50, I will reward you an autographed copy of my debut volume of poetry, Ariel in Black.

If you give anything, I will reward you with the most insightful, engaging content that I can produce. I promise. I would love nothing more.

So give. Please. And I thank you in advance for giving.

I thank you for helping to build this blog into what it already is.

I am still awed by all the attention and interest you have given it.

9 thoughts on “Give Some $$Green Energy$$ to The Bluest i–Notes on My Kickstarter Campaign to Expand the Blog in 2017

  1. Matthew Mead

    It is an internet service that allows people to pledge to give money monthly. You might try contacting Steve Shives (I am subscribed to him through Patreon), another good Marylander, he generates most of his income through patreon. I tried finding an email, so you could contact him, but couldn’t find one; he might be available through Facebook (I have religious objections to Facebook /sarcasm).


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