Month: July 2016

August 2016: Me & Make-up

  My fiancé is a youth literacy and soccer coach for an innovative after-school program that targets kids in urban areas. During the summer, he works as a counselor for two camps affiliated with the program, coaching soccer and teaching poetry writing and performance. Usually, he works with boys 8- to 11-years-old, but, last school year … Continue reading August 2016: Me & Make-up

You Have Nothing to Fear But Yourselves: A Retort to the GOP

Three days ago, at the end of the agonizing political shit show that was the 2016 RNC, Connie Schultz posted a really insightful analysis of the convention titled "RNC Message: Be Very Afraid." The gist of the convention, and Trump's platform, are captured plainly and rather perfectly in the following lines from the article: The Republican … Continue reading You Have Nothing to Fear But Yourselves: A Retort to the GOP

The Lesser of Two (D)Evils

There is a saying: "Better the devil you know . . ." It's an old saying, and older people tend to say it. "Better the devil you know" than some unbeknownst evil. Younger people, when they hear older people say this--when they're issued this warning--hear complacency, not caution. "Why any devil?" they demand to know. "Why can't we hold … Continue reading The Lesser of Two (D)Evils

Privilege & Privation

She is a pretty little girl, but that is probably part of the problem. I'm not one that swoons over blond hair and blue eyes; I'm woke. I appreciate the attractiveness of African diasporic features just as much as I appreciate the attractiveness of European diasporic features. Still, I recognize that this little girl is most people's … Continue reading Privilege & Privation

Fuck Political Correctness

Nakia Jones, a police officer in Northeast Ohio (where I'm from), has gotten over 5 million views with a video she made in response to Alton Sterling's murder by police in Baton Rouge on Wednesday. In the video, Jones, a 20-year veteran of law enforcement, addresses fellow officers directly, saying-- How dare you stand next to … Continue reading Fuck Political Correctness

Blacks and Blue: About Alton Sterling and Avoiding Police Brutality

I don't even know what to say. I honestly don't know what I could say to adequately express how desperate Alton Sterling's murder makes me feel as a black American. Here is another black person shot by police that were not in any appreciable mortal danger. Police abusing their power, exploiting their power and the … Continue reading Blacks and Blue: About Alton Sterling and Avoiding Police Brutality