August 2016: Me & Make-up

  My fiancé is a youth literacy and soccer coach for an innovative after-school program that targets kids in urban areas. During the summer, he works as a counselor for two camps affiliated with the program, coaching soccer and teaching poetry writing and performance. Usually, he works with boys 8- to 11-years-old, but, last school year […]

The Lesser of Two (D)Evils

There is a saying: “Better the devil you know . . .” It’s an old saying, and older people tend to say it. “Better the devil you know” than some unbeknownst evil. Younger people, when they hear older people say this–when they’re issued this warning–hear complacency, not caution. “Why any devil?” they demand to know. “Why can’t we hold […]

Privilege & Privation

She is a pretty little girl, but that is probably part of the problem. I’m not one that swoons over blond hair and blue eyes; I’m woke. I appreciate the attractiveness of African diasporic features just as much as I appreciate the attractiveness of European diasporic features. Still, I recognize that this little girl is most people’s […]

Fuck Political Correctness

Nakia Jones, a police officer in Northeast Ohio (where I’m from), has gotten over 5 million views with a video she made in response to Alton Sterling’s murder by police in Baton Rouge on Wednesday. In the video, Jones, a 20-year veteran of law enforcement, addresses fellow officers directly, saying– How dare you stand next to […]