Month: May 2016

Who You Calling A ‘Queen’?

So, thinking about the title I would give my politic--feminist or nah--has gotten me thinking about another title that's circulating in black culture these days. "Queen." I don't get called "queen" very often, but when I do, I notice it's in very specific situations. Before or after I read poetry in an artistic venue . … Continue reading Who You Calling A ‘Queen’?

Tomato, Potato

So, there is a body of feminist scholars that can't get behind all this critiquing of bell hooks's critique of BeyoncĂ© and "Lemonade." They think that hooks's critique is on point because feminism is about destroying the patriarchal power structure and its materialist products, institutions, and various other manifestations. So, like, poverty--which women experience at … Continue reading Tomato, Potato

Femme Feminism, or Exactly How “Pretty” Hurts

I'm using a Bey reference in the title not because I am going to write about Bey, but because all of the discussion surrounding "Lemonade" is what inspired this post. A few days ago, iconic black feminist bell hooks posted a critique of "Lemonade" to her blog, and, since then, Bey supporters and detractors have … Continue reading Femme Feminism, or Exactly How “Pretty” Hurts