Sugar, Ice, and Tea: On “Lemonade”

We are so tough but so scared–we black folk. It’s actually quite a feat. We can manage to survive institutional racism–the trauma, the stress, the constant devaluation, the violence, the seeming endlessness of its pain and suffering. But we can’t do a Goddamn thing with love. We run and hide from it like children. So […]

Chewing (and Swallowing) the Fat

A few years back, I enrolled in this weight loss program with my sister. The administrator was a very sharp, dynamic black woman that took pride in personalizing her approach to each of her clients. She had developed a new program that she was trying out for the first time on my cohort of clients, and […]

The Bullshit of Being the “Good” Black Woman

So Ayesha Curry may get her own cooking show. This doesn’t surprise me at all. She’s such an idealized image of black womanhood. She’s married, a mother. She’s educated and affluent. She’s a former model and actress, light-skinned with straight hair. And she espouses the sort of puritanical “modesty” that men love to hear from beautiful women […]