On Black Privilege

So a few weeks ago, a friend of mine–T–invited me to join a secret Facebook group of “cool” Cleveland women. I accepted the invitation and immediately my feed was flooded with all sorts of posts. I enjoyed most of the ones I read, though I must say, I’m not a big cat person, and I’m […]

My Trump Card

So I guess I have to talk about Donald Trump. Not because there is a shortage of people talking about Trump in the news or on their blogs nowadays. But because I am really deeply disturbed by his political ascension and the possibility that he may become the President of these United States. I think […]

A Black Feminist on the Blame Game

I’m a proud and adamant black feminist. And ever since I took on that designation, in my late teens, I’ve had a lot of men and women argue with me about how “problematic” it is for me to call myself a feminist as a black woman. The standard explanation that they give me–for why feminism […]

Pigmentocracy Goddam

I just read on Facebook a few minutes ago a post that begged the question why so many black people are up in arms about Zoe Saldana playing the legendary Nina Simone in the new biopic “Nina”¬†for which the¬†trailer was released last week. The writer of the post wanted to know, specifically, why these black […]